Macedonian wine

It has amazing wine
Seeing Macedonian wine outside of Macedonia is rare, but that isn’t because they don’t produce any that is worthy of being exported. No, no, no….Macedonian wine is GREAT. If anything, it’s because all of it is being consumed before it even has a chance to cross the border. Tikveš is a really good brand and happens to produce one of my new favorite rosés in the world. You can find it in most stores and it probably won’t cost you more than 120 denars (€2.00) for a liter. Yes, …

“TIKVES” Winery

Tikves wine The Tikves Winery, Kavadarci, was founded in 1946. Being the largest winery in the Balkans and in the South-east Europe, TIKVES processes about 55 million kilograms of high quality grapes from the Tikves region, producing 35 million litres of wine annualy. TIKVES produces 24 types of wine, out of which the most atractive…
Tikveš Winery has been crafting and aging premium Macedonian wines … ever since 1885.


Imako wine Imako Vino aims to be a recognised brand offering quality wines for every table on the domestic as well as the global wine market. The history of IMAKO VINO Winery begins in 1989 when the International Macedonian Company – IMAKO is established. In the beginning the main purpose of the company was wine trade that consequently led to the need for greater quality control and diversification of portfolio. In 2002, winery IMAKO VINO was built as a green-field investment in a picturesque hillside region near the city of Štip.


Popova Kula wine The Popova Kula Winery was built to produce the highest quality Macedonian wine and offer quality wine tourism in the region. By using regional best grapes in combination with latest sophisticated technology and the experience of ourteam of expert wine makers, The Popova Kula Winery has succeeded in creating wines that we are proud…


“STOBI” Winery

Stobi wine Stobi Winery is a proud witness to the ever-evolving wine traditions in these regions – ranging from the wine vessel, kantharos, relished by the highborn in Stobi, to the wineskins used to transport this key product to the ancient metropolises, all the way to the cutting edge stainless steel tanks and sophisticated oak barrels where wine is …



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