Macedonia Attractions

Both modern and traditional, Macedonia is a paradise that needs to be seen.

If you were wondering where to start your Macedonian adventure, the right answer would probably be Ohrid.
Tourists planning a holiday in Macedonia this year, should not miss the Macedonia attractions. Tourists will love to explore the land of Macedonia and enjoy the sights of nature and the different tourist spots. Macedonia is located in the south eastern part of Europe. The capital of the country is Skopje.


In Macedonia, there are a number of churches and monasteries. They can visit monastery of Saint Panteleimon, monastery of St. Jovan Bigorski, monastery of St Naum and Markov monastery. The churches like Macedonian Orthodox Church, St George’s Church and St John Caneo Church attract a number of visitors. The museums in Macedonia have good collection of exhibits for their visitors.

Macedonia has some beautiful lakes. These lake regions are a pleasure to visit during the summer months. Lake Ohrid is one of the beautiful tourist spot in Macedonia. The lake regions of Dojran, Prespa, Mavrovo and Popova Sapka can be visited.

In Macedonia, tourists can also visit the small villages like Village Vevcni, Struga. The tourist spots in Macedonia offer fascinating natural sights. There are mountains and several springs, the sight of which can be savored while on short trips.

Other tourist attractions in Macedonia are the fortress like Marko’s Fortress, Skopje Fortress “Kale” and Samuel’s Fortress. These monuments have historical significances and reflects the architectural grandeur of the contemporary periods.

While on a travel to Macedonia, tourists can take time out to visit some of the other Macedonia attractions. They can visit the botanical gardens or in the national parks of Macedonia.

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