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Getting to Macedonia

Macedonia is situated in the central Balkans, between Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania, is very easily accessible by car, bus or by train from the north and south.


Getting in Macedonia by Road

There are two main routes that are passing through Macedonia.
The international highway E-75 (corridor 10 / north-south) runs north to south from Serbia to Greece.
Some parts of the international highway E-65, together with E-852 & E-871 make the corridor 8/east-west, which are also good road links to Bulgaria and Albania.
Be sure to get to know the roads & pay tools in Macedonia, as well as the borders.

When travel by Car & Bus
Get to know about driving regulations, reqired vehicle eqipment, or bus lines.

  By car: The international highway E-75 runs north-south from Serbia to Greece, bisecting Macedonia. This is the most common route for overland tourists to take for entering Macedonia. There are also good roads connecting the country with Bulgaria to the east and Albania to the west.
  By bus: A number of bus lines connect Macedonia with all neighboring countries and other European cities. Buses are frequent, and offer relatively inexpensive fares and professional service.


Getting in Macedonia by Train

Macedonia is only accessible by railway from Serbia or Greece.
rails transportation There are 2 daily international trains for Belgrade and Salonica/Thessaloniki. Railroads towards Albania and Bulgaria are still in construction.

When travel by Train
Get to know aboit railway station & railway lines.

  By train: An international train, operating twice daily, connects Ljubljana, Slovenia and Thessaloniki, Greece by way of Macedonia. Stops include Tabanovce (the Macedonia-Serbia border crossing point), Kumanovo, Skopje, Veles, Gradsko, Negotino, Demir Kapija, and Gevgelija (Greek border crossing point), as well as a few small villages. An east-west railway to connect Bulgaria with Macedonia is at present under construction.
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