Important Numbers

Country code for Macedonia is 389
Example: In case of number 034 123456, please dial +389 34 123456.
The international prefix for outgoing calls (from Macedonia) is 00.

  Domestic Phones

Domestic telephone service is available in all inhabited towns, via the PSTN or VoIP. The PSTN network is run by T-home. There is an affordable fixed phone service (wireless and easy to install) from the mobile operator ONE, avaliable prepaid (without a monthly fee, 12 months availability without recharge, recharging for only 500 denars -18€) and postpaid.

  Mobile phones

Mobile phones are widely spread and the coverage is excellent. There are 3 mobile networks (T-mobile, One and VIP), all using the GSM/3G standard. You can buy a pre-paid SIM card from T-mobile for 295 denars (5€) with 250 denars free talk time, from ONE + VIP for 300 denars (5€) with 300 denars free talk time. You may need to show your ID card or passport when buying.

  Internet Access

Internet access is widely available. Broadband internet is available through cable, ADSL, WiMax and LAN connections. You can also access internet with your mobile phone, via GPRS or 3G. VIP offers both internet for home and mobile internet. More information here. T-home offers ADSL internet for 599 denars/month (10€) – 15GB bandwidth, 6Mbps speed – you need to have PSTN connection from T-home. Internet cafes are available in most cities and in some villages.

Important Phone Numbers

Police: 192
Fire Department: 193
Medical Emergency: 194
Road Assistance: 15555
Road Info Center: 196
Wake-up Service: 180
Correct Time: 185
Telegram Service: 186
Information desk / Directory Assistance: 188

Macedonia to be the first country in the world with complete wireless broadband coverage with 95% of the population covered.

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