There are no vaccinations legally required to travel to Macedonia. The general vaccination against Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio (DTP) is recommended. Also a hepatitis A vaccination is recommended.

If you are staying longer than 3 months or have a particular risk (travelling by bike, handling of animals, visits to caves) you might consider a rabies vaccination. Vaccination against hepatitis B is also sometimes recommended for stays longer than 3 months.

Stay healthy

Water is safe to drink and there are public drinking water fountains in most public places. It is advisable to wash all fruit and vegetables.

As with any other country, use caution when eating red meats at restaurants. Although Macedonian cuisine typically revolves around grills (“skara”) there are some restaurants that do not use proper or clean methods of cooking. Bad restaurants can be spotted easily; they will probably not look very appealing and will not have many customers. However, the vast majority of restaurants in Macedonia serve good quality food.


Special Precautions Certificate Required?
Yellow Fever No No
Cholera No No
Typhoid and Polio No/1 N/A
Malaria No N/A


Hospitals in Macedonia

Hospitals in Macedonia are known for providing efficient medical service to their patients. The hospital are equipped with all such facilities and instruments that are required to handle any unforeseen situation. Many of them are also equipped with ultra modern medical amenities so as to match the international standards.

The medical services provided by hospitals of Macedonia are listed below :

24 hour ambulance services
blood bank facility
pathology laboratory
radiology laboratory
24 hour pharmacy


Among all the health care products in Macedonia, health insurance tops the chart. The annual revenues of HIF are about $220-240 million which equals to or around 6%-7% of the European country’s GDP.




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