Macedonians are friendly and hospitable people in this country unique.
They have a rich cultural life, followed by its tradition and customs, and faith toward God.



Macedonia’s most powerful field of art is painting. In this country you will get a huge collection of the Byzantine paintings that are commonly known as the fresco paintings. This collection also includes paintings that belong to the era of 11 th century and 16 th century. All these frescos carry the historical significance and bear the traits of the paintings with religious content belonging to the Macedonian School.



Macedonia has developed a very rich culture in the presence of the different ethnic groups and people from various castes and tribes. The main fields of the Macedonian culture are art, poetry, music and architecture. There are several traditional festivals of different fields such as music, cinema, poetry and so on. Some of these are Ohrid Summer festival, a music festival including drama; the Struga Poetry evenings, a festival of poetry; International Camera Festival held in Bitola; Jazz festivals; Skopje May opera Evenings; Open Youth Theatre and many more.



The main branches of Macedonian music are the Traditional Music, Rock music and Dark Wave music.The music played in the Byzantine’s churches had left a deep impact on the Macedonian music. The diverse ethnic groups of the country have also made the music diverse in nature.
To talk about the dance forms the folk dance forms are known as “Oro”.


Macedonia – Treasury of Cultural Wealth.

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